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Let Yourself Practice

Updated: May 6, 2020

Thursday was workshop day! There were a few flows that I had to set up for some upcoming projects so I put on one of my favorite playlists and flowed. No, I didn't have a mapped out plan but my body knew what it wanted. As I was moving I started playing with some postures that I put on the back burner including tripod headstand & fallen triangle.

Getting back into practice with these postures was tough for few songs. At one point I looked at my mat and said "Just do it Angelica! Your always in your own way!" Yes I said it out loud, and then I got back to work.

Below are photos of each posture today.

Spoiler alert: only one came out "looking good"

That's the practice in yoga PRACTICE. Sometimes we "lose" postures that we haven't tried in a while and that's okay. We can return to try again and again.

So please remind yourself that you are strong and that you can, even if it doesn't look how you thought it would.

"Fallen Triangle"

"Tripod Headstand"

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