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Kick It with Your Crew... Socks!

As we've been socially distancing I've found myself buying one thing over, and over, and over again. CREW SOCKS! As I was doing my laundry I realized that I have over a dozen pair of crew socks. Why? I don't know. It may be my old dancer self reliving the feeling of crew socks over leggings before contemporary class. Only now it's crew socks over leggings until a yoga class begins 😅

Anyone that has done contemporary dance in the past decade knows what I'm talking about, but even if you've never danced a day in your life, there is something so soothing about crew socks.

They cover the foot and a part of your shin, which almost replicate a boot type look but soooo much more comfortable. Crew socks are so versatile, that they can help amplify colors in your outfit or even provide a pop of color. For example, if you wear shorts, high top sneakers, and an over-sized sweat shirt with a pair of crew socks you can automatically feel cozy and stylish at the same time.

Even with the weather getting warmer, if you're a sock wearer but you haven't tried crew socks, here's a list of a few pair to help you get started.

If you have never heard of Girlfriend Collective, welcome! This brand not only makes comfy clothes but have also expanded into other areas of apparel including socks. They are made from recycled water bottles and the net proceeds from these socks help support organizations which support and serve Black communities. The socks featured here are the color I've purchased but these socks come in other colors as well. If you get more colors you get a discount for each additional pair you buy! Details on the organizations & discount on their site 🙏🏾

MeUndies Crew Sock, $12 ($8 for members)

If you're asking yourself, does she have the membership? Yes I do. These socks are such a cozy gift from me to me every month. MeUndies has socks in solid colors (bold and essentials) along with creative patterns that get updated every month. They are soft yet sturdy socks that come in 3 sizes so there is a fit for most feet. If you're interested in trying them out I definitely recommend doing the membership which you can end at any time or skip a month. If you find that you love the socks you've already locked in the reduced price which is a plus!

I only own 2 Supreme products and they're both from the Supreme®/Hanes® collection. Especially as a person that loves to rock solid black outfits my red pair add a touch of color to my wardrobe and make it easier to find a pair of socks to wear in my cluttered underwear drawer. These socks come in Red, White, and Black so pick your favorite color and have fun styling these. They have the regular comfort of a Hanes® sock with the added Supreme® detail!

There is your intro to crew socks! Now do I own more pairs? Yes. Do I want to waste your time with that? Nope 😂 So start here and let your journey through crew socks blossom at your own pace!

If you have a favorite pair of crew socks let me know where I can get them in the comments! 💜

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