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Keep the Selfcare Going Past the Holidays

As Monday is only hours away, it may seem like the window for selfcare time is coming to a close. Instead of letting go of all the selfcare post holidays, bring some of it with you using a few tools/accessories. Personally, yes I love my products that I can put on my body, but there are also tools/accessories that truly help to complete the at-home spa experience that I like to call selfcare. Tonight let's go through just a few of my favorite hair, face, and body products. Maybe you'll find something you'd like to use!


Innisfree: Waterproof Hair Cap, $3

  • Use to keep your hair dry during a bath

  • Use to keep your deep conditioning treatment on your hair as you shower or soak

YesStyle: Headbands, $2.61+

  • Useful when getting ready/unready to keep your hair out of your face without ruining your style

  • Use code AMWLOVES for 5% any YESSTYLE purchase


Sacheu: Gua Sha - Stainless Steel, $35

  • Use for at-home facial massage

  • Made of stainless steel so it's easy to keep clean

  • Stainless steel also gives a cooling feeling to the skin

  • Nonporous so bacteria won't grown in the tool

Room Essentials: Grid Texture Hand Towel, $3

  • Use for at-home steamed towel for face/body (especially shoulders)

  • Use while damp to help remove a facemask


MeUndies: Unisex Hooded Modal Robe, $88 ($72 for members)

  • Super soft modal fabric is comfortable

  • Has pockets & a hood for total comfort

  • You can just wear this instead of PJs

  • Fun fact: I'm wearing this as I'm writing this blog in the red plaid

Uniqlo: Open Toe Corduroy Slippers, $14.90

  • Light weight yet sturdy

  • Toes are free so they can breathe

  • Comfortable corduroy so each step makes your feel like your walking around your favorite spa

There you have it! A list of my favorite selfcare tools/accessories that help me maintain selfcare beyond the holiday season.

If you have a favorite way to maintain a sense of selfcare let me know what it is 💜

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