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3 Reasons Why I Now Love Keeping A Written Agenda

I know, I know, I'm reallllllly late to the agenda party. "Pre-panoramic" I just kept everything on my phone. Now, I find myself craving more organization since I'm not looking at my phone as often at home.

When I got my IDLEWILD co. agenda in my CAUSEBOX I took it as a sign to finally use it and OOF does it help in giving my the organization I crave!

In what ways you ask? These 3 ways listed below for your convenience:

Keeps track of my work schedule!

As someone who works on her own time, organizing that time is a balancing act. I've always organized my time through my phone but when the "panoramic" hit I found myself not on my phone as often. Meaning I was either late to or missed a few zoom meetings. 😬

Now that I have my agenda writing down my schedule seals it in my brain, serving as a reminder to set an alarm right after I'm done writing in it so that I can keep track of what I need to do when. A bonus is that mine has a note section where I can scribble ideas for future projects... which I can't wait to share with you soon 😏

Keeps track of my non-work self improvement schedule!

Outside of yoga and content creation I still enjoy doing things that I wouldn't necessarily classify as "selfcare" but are things I do for me to continue to be a student of life. My weekly Korean classes are a great example. Those types of items are organized by order in which they happen in my agenda so that I can track my day, especially when personal and professional events weave together.

Serves as a backup for my schedules!

Best of all, now that I have a written agenda, I take the time at the end of my day to compare my phone to my agenda to my emails so I can dot my Is and cross my Ts. Being able to have a written overview of my entire schedule is incredible helpful. Hopefully, I won't be late to or miss anymore meetings 😅

Having an agenda is definitely useful even during these times when I'm indoors for the majority of my week. Next, I want to try adding colored pens to the mix for even more organization!

Do you like to use an agenda? How long have you used one? 💜

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