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Heal Your Heels

Today's post is short and sweet and simple. It's about our heels. Especially as the weather shifts, we tend to forget that our bodies can get dry fast than before. For me, my heels we're the one part of my body I would neglect to the point that they would crack and bleed. No that is not an exaggeration, they truly bled. It took me until I was 18 to realize that I needed to begin the journey of finding a foot product that would heal my heals in the coldest months.

Below I'm sharing the 2 products the first is my daily go to and the second is the product that saved my feet!

This is daily foot cream, I use this nearly everyday, all year round to prevent my heals from drying up and cracking. Once I ran out of the product below I've used this for maintenance and have been so happy with my heels. I love that a little goes a long way so each tube lasts for a little over a month (I have big feet so it might last longer for you)!

Next is the product that saved my heels when they were cracked and bleeding. The first time I used it was in the evening fresh out of the shower after I patted myself dry, I rubbed this on my heals morning and night. After a couple weeks I saw I noticeable difference. The cracks in my heals began to close and the bleeding had stopped. This was the first product I tried that didn't disappear and make my heels more dry. It's a butter balm so I found scooping it out rubbing it between my palms and then rubbing it on my heals was the best application method. Now I know this product isn't cheap but for how desperate I was to fix my heals, it was worth every penny. 🙌🏾

There you have it! 2 products that my feet love and have loved for almost 10 years.

If you have a product that has healed your heels feel free to leave it in a comment below 💜

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