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Ways to Have Fun At Home: Alone Edition

Today we're talking alone time! As the weather gets colder and there is still a pandemic. We might be spending more time alone than we initially thought. As someone who is a professional loner, I'd like to offer you 5 ways on how you can enjoy being alone!

Learn a New Skill

  • Remember when we were learning to whip coffee or make bread. We learned new skills like it was nothing, so why not learn a few more. It could be learning to make a new dish or how to crochet a scarf. Use your down time to learn how to do something alone without anyone's help. The satisfactory feeling of doing something yourself will be worth it!

Develop an Old Skill

  • Did you play the recorder in middle school? Used to make intricate designs with lanyards? Welp, why not pick it back up. Over time we tend to think we've accomplished something then never do it again. Why not pick it back up? Personally I used to be able to solve a rubix cube in 30 seconds, now it takes a couple minutes. Since we have a bit more alone time I plan to pick it back up and try to go faster. So think about what it is you used to do and pick it back up.

Watch What You Love

  • Let me start by saying this. THERE IS MORE THAN NETFLIX. Personally, I watch more YouTube than Netflix + Cable combined. I say this because we all have personal viewing preferences and sometimes when we stick to one platform we get easily bored, so why not explore different platforms. Changing up where you what your content means there's more for you to watch. So find what types of things you love to watch and see if similar things are available in more than one place.

Move in Your Way

  • It can be a dance party of one, taking a pre-recorded yoga class, or lifting and lowering your chin. Try to take a break from repetitive daily movements by moving in a different way. TBH I recommend the dance parties 😊

Window Shop Online

  • The last one will require you to practice a little self restraint but I enjoy this so much. As someone who's a fan of "retail therapy" it get's expensive if you actually buy things so a way to have fun with this is to split your laptop screen in 2. Have a vlog or podcast playing on one side and a few tabs of your favorite retailers on the other. You can window shop while you listen in. It's even better when your curled up in your favorite blanket and have some ice cream.

There you go 5 ways to have fun being alone! If you have a favorite way to be alone lmk 💜

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