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Get Your Sheet(masks) Together!

Updated: May 28, 2020

This Sunday it's time to get our sheet together! With so many sheet masks entering the market, it can be difficult to find the mask that works well for our skin. Today we'll narrow the vast pool of masks to just 3! Each of which will offer 15 minutes of relaxing "me time" 🛀🏾

As we go through these masks, we'll be highlighting special ingredients that you might want to look out for throughout your skincare routine.

Let's get this sheet started!


This was the first sheet mask I actually liked using. One of the main reasons why I like this mask (and all of the masks listed) is that I can sort of stretch them to fit my face and nose bridge since they're made from 100% eucalyptus fibers. I started with aloe which I definitely recommend as a starting point since it's a familiar key ingredient.

Knowing the soothing effects of aloe combined with taking it out of the fridge* I realized why people like sheet masks.

They come in over a dozen varieties (I've tried all but the lime) and 3 levels of hydration, so there is definitely a mask to be found for your skin type.

(*See pro-tip at the bottom of the article)


Made of bamboo charcoal this is the mask I reach for when my skin needs some extra help calming down. The bamboo charcoal helps to draw out impurities from my skin, the tea tree aids in acne control, and the willow bark extract helps calm everything down.

The cool thing about this mask is that it comes in 2 halves within one pack. Meaning, when you open the package you can pull out the lower half and place it on your jaw/around your mouth, then you can place the other half on your forehead. This one is the most expensive on the list but seriously, it's good to have a few of these on hand since our skin likes to act up unexpectedly every once and a while.


This bamboo mask is my favorite sheet mask of all time! I've gone through over 50 of these! My skin feels so soothed and plump after using this product 1-2 times per week. It gives my skin an extra boost of hydration due to it's inclusion of squalane. But that's not the only reason why I love this mask.

This thing fits my whole face. I mean my WHOLE face. So if you're like my and have previously felt like sheet masks are too small or even tight feeling, you won't get that feeling with this product. Another awesome detail is that this mask has the name mediheal all over it. This isn't just for branding, it helps you know when it's time to take the mask off! So if you loose track of 15 minutes just know that when you can clearly read "mediheal", it's time to take off your mask.

Tip: You can also find these in at Sokoglam in case you want to buy different types of masks at the same time.

Pro-Tip for all sheet masks: KEEP THEM IN A FRIDGE 🙌🏾

I kid you not if you want the most calming, spa like experience, put your masks in a fridge! You can put them in your normal fridge or a skincare fridge if you'd like to separate food from skincare. If you think a skincare fridge isn't real, maybe you check out this one from TEAMI. If you end up liking it use "AMWLOVES169" for $15 off your $50+ purchase 💜

That's our journey for today but if you have a mask that you absolutely love, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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