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Flowing Online: Where I'm Currently Teaching

This Wellness Wednesday is a bit different. Today I'm going to list everywhere that I'm currently teaching (as of June 17, 2020).

Yes, I have a page with my yoga offerings but I still wanted to post all of the options in one blog and will update this post as time goes on. Everywhere I teach I'm still me but each place has their own style and something unique to bring so whether you're considering a membership or dropping in for a class, here's a list of where I teach and what I do.

Form + Flow

Form+Flow is a nearly year old, POC owned, small business in LIC. This studio is my second home. Since the lock-down started Form+Flow has been the studio I have filmed in time and time again. Meaning all of my virtual classes (including non-Form+Flow classes) are filmed in that space. As for my offerings, there are 2 main ways to find me.

Live Classes: I teach live classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6pm EST. These are 60 minute vinyasa practices where we highlight breath and movement. We go through 3 flows where each flow brings elements from the one prior as we get further from the ground.

Prerecorded Content: On their Patreon I have a series called "How to Use Blocks for That?!" where I gives options on how to incorporate blocks into specific postures and "Blockography" lessons so that you can move from shape to shape with ease while using blocks. You can also find some of my recorded live classes on their Patreon as well.


Omstars is my newest addition. I taught a live class via their YouTube channel and am now scheduled to teach 3 more classes beginning this Saturday June 20, 2020. (If you missed the first YouTube Move + Meditate Class, you can practice at your own convenience when you click here).

Currently, I'm offering live "Move+Meditate" classes which are 60 minute classes on Saturday's at 2pm EST through Zoom. Each class combines 45 minutes of vinyasa flow with 15 minutes of yoga nidra. The vinyasa flow will assist us in tapping into an element within ourselves which will then guide us through the 15 minute nidra meditation.

Live Zoom classes are free for members so you can click here or use the code "ANGELICAYOGA" to receive a free 30 day trail. That same link will take to you their site for more info on individual class pricing and memberships.

Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio is the sweat dripping, beat bumping studio born in NYC. Even through we can’t control the heat virtually, there is still sweat and the music driven element in the studio's signature classes are still available online.

On their platform I have a couple signature WeFlowHard and Slowburn classes as well as a mini class on camel pose. As of now, I’m not on a consistent live schedule with Y7 but stay tuned for updates.

There you have it all of the places where we can flow together online as of June 17, 2020. This will be a living blog meaning I'll update this as offerings arrive and shift.

P.S. Drunk Yoga

While I’m not teaching virtual classes with Drunk Yoga they still have live classes going on at this time. You can check out their site for more info on their offerings by clicking here.

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