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3 Favorite TEAMI Products

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Wait! Before you go "Oh no! Not a weight loss tea." Don't fret. There is no talk of weight loss here. I've been a TEAMI customer for YEARS! I use them everyday. They are more than tea, they are skincare, lifestyle, smoothies and of course tea.

If you'd like to give TEAMI a try, use code AMWLOVES169 for $15 off your order of $50+!

1. Ceremonial Grade Matcha! This with oat milk is my daily pick me up. It makes me feel refreshed from the inside out when I drink it.

2. Tea Tumbler! This is such a great product. You can put loose leaf tea or their tea pods with hot water in the tumbler, put the strainer on top, then screw on the lid and YOU'RE DONE! After a few minutes of steeping your tea is ready to drink without the tea bag hitting you or worrying about getting pieces of tea leafs getting caught in your throat.

3. Superfood Liquid Cleanser! Using this at night, my skin feels supple and ready for the rest of my routine. Also I haven't had a bunch of breakouts since I started using this product.

NOTE: If you have combo or dry skin make sure to only use this in the evening and more of an oil based cleanser during the day. Using this twice a day can dry out your skin a bit.

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