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Favorite Places to Find Plus Size Jewelry/Accessories

As someone who is double CC thicc all over, finding accessories that don't cut off my circulation isn't easy but I've found them🙌🏾

So today I'm sharing 5 of my favorite places to grab plus size accessories and what I like to shop for from each! (Shops listed in alphabetical order.)

We'll begin with a brand that has given me one of my favorite belt's of all time. (If you came from my Instagram you know the one but it's sold out 😬) Personally, I love to browse belts and necklaces from ASOS Curve because of their unique designs and affordable price points!

Next comes an online shop that honestly slips my mind until I remember all of the great finds it has to offer. There are so many types of accessories offered on Etsy but my favorite to shop for (aside from ear cuffs) are rings. I wear a size 10-13 on my fingers/thumbs, so finding something that fits isn't easy. Luckily there are Etsy shops that go all the way to a size 16! Additionally, majority of sellers are small businesses meaning each peace is a lot more personal & unique.

Now we take a look at Quay. This company truly makes wearing sunglasses comfortable, affordable, and fashionable. Also, THEY FIT MY BIG HEAD. You may be wondering, how I know my head is big. Well, when you've had a headache followed by imprints of your sunglasses on the sides of your head you just know. Thankfully, they have an easy to read fit guide so you know what you're getting into. I normally go for something around "oversized". So when I shop on Quay, I go for their frames that look like they'll fit my nose more than anything because the width of their "oversized" glasses have yet to hurt or cause an imprint on my head. Did I mention fashion? They have so many designs that there is definitely something for everyone!

Now onto the first store I ever went to, tried on a ring... AND IT FIT! It's none other than Torrid. Their rings are affordable and most come in bundles so you always have room to play!

Fun Fact: I've shopped at Torrid since I was a teenager (which is over 10 years ago. Like back when Jordan Sparks used to model for them.)

Newest to my favorite accessories stores if Vitaly. After finding them from an IG ad I realized that the algorithm knows what it's doing. Most of their pieces go up to 11 if not 12 & 13, their necklaces go up to 50/75cm+, and their bracelets go up to an 8.5 inch wrist. Not to mention, they have other accessories that are both fashionable and functional. One of my favorite aspects are the finishes of their products. Vitaly's items come in stainless steel, gold plated stainless steel, gasoline, midnight & more. All in all, I shop for a range of accessories from here because of their unique designs, broad range, and durable materials 🖤

There you go! 5 shops to help you expand your accessory wardrobe while also finding pieces that truly fit.

If you have a favorite place to grab accessories let me know in the comments 💜

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