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Avoid Having Hair That's Crunchy Like the Fall Leaves

The fall breeze is in the air meaning our hair is about to crave some serious moisture. While deep conditioners are great, we need a way to bring moisture into our haircare routines past the shower. One of my favorite ways to do that is through hair oil!

Currently, I only wear my hair in wash-n-go or protective styles so I don't use hot tools on my hair. When I wear my hair in a wash-n-go I usually use oil after my leave in conditioner, before my styling cream. For my protective styles I use it every other week to add moisture deeper into the style (& on my scalp) post washing.

All of that being said here are 3 hair & scalp loving oils that I currently have in rotation!


This is the newest oil to my arsenal! It's incredibly light weight and non-greasy. I love that it doesn't weigh my hair down, yet my hair really feels the benefits of the moisturizing formula (which contains: baobab oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil... to name a few ingredients). Excited to see how it effects my hair long term!

Tip: If their site runs out of this product they might have some at Ulta (online & in-store).

Next we have a hair oil that has been on my shelf for nearly 2 years. Not the same bottle, I re-purchase this one! As the name states it has a serum like consistency so there's a little slickness to it but once I put my styling cream overtop it has leaves my curls beautifully defined. Interestingly, when I rinse my hair out pre-wash my hair feels like it's been deep conditioned when really I've just had my hair oil & hair cream in. Yes, I've tried this without the hair cream and yes my hair still feels well conditioned haha


First on the scalp list is an oil that is newer to my abode. This oil is very nourishing as it goes into my scalp. Using the nozzle it easily goes in between twists/braids to moisturize my scalp between washes. I will say that you might not want to put this oil on before you get your hair braided because when I did that my braid slipped off and I had to get my hair washed again at the salon 😅

Tip: If Ulta runs out, try Target.

Now we come to my favorite scalp oil of all time. This hair oil has kept my scalp healthy enough to support strong hair growth. So strong my hair has survived over 15+ bleachings*. I use this oil on my scalp overtight 2 times a week before I wash it the next morning. Personally, I swear by the "Tea Tree Eucalyptus" formula. I see quick hair growth every time I use this oil and the oil itself is never greasy. It goes in and does the job.

*Yes, if you've only known me with natural colored hair you missed a whole 7 years of me dying my hair every color but orange.

There you go! 4 oils to avoid having crunchy hair as the seasons change!

If you have a favorite hair oil feel free to leave it in the comments 💜

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