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Favorite Accessories: Bandana Edition

Hello everyone! Today is all about one accessory that I love for all of my hair's many forms.

The BANDANA! When my hair is out in its natural curly state, I love to wear a bandana rolled up as a hair band. When I have braids/twists, I wear it in a triangle fashion tied underneath my hair. Especially when I have my longer hair I like to have a bandana in my bag to use to tie my hair out of the way when I eating!

So for all of life's happenings here are 4 of my favorite shops to grab a bandana:

  • Cotton bandanas for every occasion

  • Come in a wide variety of patterns

  • Cotton bandanas in instagramable patterns

  • Easily fits a lot of hair

  • Silky bandanas

  • Limited releases come by too

  • They generally have one pattern out at a time

  • Easily fits a lot of hair

Honorable Mention

There you have it! Bandanas of many fabrics, patterns, and sizes!

If you have a fave leave it in a comment below 💜

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