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Enter 2021 in Stylish Comfort: 5 Types of Clothing to Keep On Hand

I know we just got here, but as we go through 2021 know that even if at some point we start moving toward a world where we see people in real life more often, we don't have to lose some of our favorite WFH styles. These types of fashion pieces include full body dressing so if for some reason you need to cover your bottom half, there are options for you. Let's dive in!


Beginning with a fan favorite. SOCKS! As we age, we tend to go from using socks as a necessity to falling in love with them as a comfortable essential. As someone with a US14 Women/US13 Men foot, my socks need to STRETCH! Lately 2 of my favorite places to grab this essential are:

Comfortable Shoes

I'd like to make it clear that this is one of the statements I live by. If my feet are not comfortable, I am not happy! I kid you not, if any shoe is uncomfortable I just can't do it anymore. My shoes need to match my outfit while not hurting my feet in order for me to retain my happiness. Below are 4 stores where I get some of my favorite shoes that are fashionable and comfortable:

Oversized Sweatshirts/Sweaters

For as long as it is chilly the oversized sweaters and sweatshirts stay. Especially when you're in your own home, why crank up the heat when you can layer the cozy! Being a large person myself it can feel like a real hunt trying to find an oversized sweaters, so here are a few stores with size ranges so broad it‘s easier for me to size up in a cozy sweater/sweatshirt:

Stretchy Pants

As someone who's 6'2" it can be incredibly difficult to find pants in my size that are not only long enough for me but are also comfortable. Personally, I tend to wear shorts around my place but occasionally I'll throw on a more structured legging or a pair of pants with some serious stretch depending on the occasion. Here are the stores that I find have some great comfy pant options that include us tall people (and where I get my shorts incase you're curious):

Comfortable Underwear

Saving the most important for last. I follow the same rule for shoes as I do bras. If I am uncomfortable, I am not happy! Thankfully I have found a couple companies that can support my 40G/42F chest. Similarly, I'm thankful to have found companies that make underwear that doesn't cut into my waist while being incredible comfortable (some even sweat-wicking). Here are my favorite places for comfy undies, so I'm happy from the inside out:

Now you're all set from the neck down to stay cozy and fashionable in 2021!

If there is a style of clothing that you're excited to wear in this new year let me know what it is 💜

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