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Easy Ways to Reuse: Holiday Edition

Tis' the season where we're about to throw away a lot of stuff! Even though the "Holiday Season" looks a bit different this year the basics, most likely, still apply. We have boxes to open, bottle(s) to drink from, cans to open and we're still wrapping a gift for someone.

Once the holidays pass, we could recycle these things... but we can also get creative and reuse our bottles, cans, boxes, and tubes. So today, I'm letting you know what I do with some of my leftovers that aren't edible😂

Wine/Soju Bottles

Tip: Use a scrub daddy to get the labels off any bottle

  • Use as water bottles ( tip: use a silicone stopper to replace the cork)

  • Flower Vases


  • Planter (great for planting basil!)

  • Pen/Scissor Holder

  • Cotton Pad/Swab Container


Tip: If you want to keep your boxes remove the tape and store them stacked away from water

  • Shelf Organizer (tip: cut the flaps off and you have a storage container for spices, books, skincare & more)

  • Gift giving

  • Online Returns

Wrapping Paper Tubes

  • Cable organizer: cut them on one side so you can slide your cables in the middle (tip: keep away from water)

Whether it's the holiday's, a birthday, or any day you now have ways in which you can reuse your bottles, cans, boxes, and tubes. Remember, if you're not going to reuse them then please recycle them.

If you have a favorite way to reuse your non-edible leftovers let me know what you do 💜

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