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Pleasantly Surprised: Drunk Elephant Deodorant Review

As someone who sweats for a living and in her personal time, I KNOW how I smell. Especially, when I'm kicking my own @$$ exercising I don't usually put on deodorant at home just because I'm the only one really smelling me, so I don't mind. That definitely changes once I go out it public. The last thing I want is for someone to smell me from 6 feet away.

In short, I take deodorizing very seriously. Which is why I don't often switch up my deodorant often. But today, the rare time has come. I'm switching over to Drunk Elephant's Sweet Pitti™ Deodorant Cream (available at Sephora for $16) and am here to tell you why.

*Let me get one thing out of the way. If you don't like the texture of a cream this is probably not for you. Okay, if you're still here, let's keep going!

Surprisingly Easy to Use

Dispensing the cream is much simpler and not as messy as I thought it would be. Simply open the top, twist from below and the cream bloops out in a little hill of freshness. As I swipe it under my pits the product completely goes from the component onto my pits (both with and without hair). Since it's a cream I thought it would feel creamy even as I put a shirt on but it doesn't. It does contain shea butter which allows for it to sort of work like a moisturizer that goes onto your skin without sliding off.

Effective at Blocking BO

The sweet almond seed extract is the main "scent" of this deodorant cream which will substitute your the scent of BO. It's not like a "punch you in the face" type of scent. It's more of a subtle "only there for a few moments after application" type of scent. While the scent is subtle, the effectiveness of this product is what blew me away. Even on days where my body is drenched in sweat my pits still smell of an almond croissant without the butter. I smell fresh from my mat, to the grocery store, to cooking dinner. Even after 12+ hours of wear up until I shower there is no BO!

I first tried this product after buying The Littles™ Head to Toe for my stay in Vermont. But once I got back to the city I knew I needed it in a full size. This is my 100% new go to deodorant until another rare switch out moment comes.

If you have any questions about my experience let me know on here or instagram!

Also, if you have a favorite way to block BO let me know what it is! 💜

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