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Decorate You Ears: Ear Cuffs & Wraps

Today we're talking about our ears! Personally, I can't pierce my ears because when I did, I got keloids. Essentially, keloids are an accumulated mass of scar tissue which personally took 3 surgeries, 2 years of steroid injections, and a week of radiation treatment to remove. (I'm not showing you what they looked like so if you're curious, google at your own risk 😬). Sooooo yeah, no ear piercings for me 😅

After realizing I couldn't (or rather shouldn't) pierce my ears again I did try clip on earrings, but I never really got into them. What did catch my attention were ear cuffs and ear wraps! The first ear wrap I fell in love with was one custom made for me by my friend's mother. Made from brass and blown glass. Let me tell you, I LOVED THAT EAR CUFF (and still do)!

So today, I'm offering up a few options for you to get started on your ear cuff/wrap journey. 2 of the items I own/use and the last is one that's on my wish list 🙌🏾 (Pics below)

This "smol" ear cuff is the one I wear most often. The soft gold finish blends well with any outfit. Don't worry about this getting knocked off your ear. Once you put it on, give it a small press and it's ON. Also, after many months of wear I can say that this doesn't bend out of shape. It may look delicate but it's built to last, retain it's shape, and is incredible versatile.

Next is a wrap that gives off that multi-piercing look. This ear wrap goes around the ear to drape down elegantly. I love the aesthetic of this wrap because it really goes well with my nearly all black wardrobe and platform/moto boots. I will say even when you give this wrap a bit of a squeeze you don't want to fully head bang in this but it can take a "Cha Cha Slide". Also Etsy in general is a great place to find a variety of ear cuffs and wraps. So type "ear cuff" or "ear wrap" and have fun scrolling through pages of hand crafted jewelry!

Last on this list is the MAM set of ear cuffs. I saw these in an Instagram AD and I can't stop looking at them. They have both gold and silver finished in most of their styles so I could easily see why it would be beneficial to get one set of each finish and mix/match along the ear(s). The design linked is just one of their various options for piercing free ear decoration. MAM designs are creative, bold, yet timeless... I may get these as a holiday present for myself 👀

There you have it! A few places to get you started on decorating your ears without needing to shove a needle through your ear. But if you want to pierce your ears or already have pierced ears you can wear these too!

Note: I need to mention that I wear BeatsX headphones so if you like to wear those giant overhead headphones I'm not sure how these ear cuff/wrap options would effect your headphone wearing experience.

If you have a favorite ear cuff/wrap leave it in the comments below 💜

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