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Cozy Nightgowns: Big & Tall

For those of you that don't know I LOVE a nightgown, mumu, sleep shirt! Whatever you wanna call it I love it! I only really wear a shirt & bottoms if I'm on a trip where I'm sharing a room with friends or a sleepover where I'll need to mobile in PJs 😬

The funny thing is that a lot of nightgowns can be more like tunics on me. Like the designers put enough fabric to juuuuust cover the butt. So as a big & tall woman with some bum to cover, I'd like to offer up 3 options for cozy nightgowns that have got my behind!

First is my new favorite nightgown! If you came from Instagram this is what I was wearing. This gown is soft, light, and covers my butt without being a sleeping bag. I normally wear an 18-20 so I sized up because I like the extra room. Honestly, I could've gone with my normal size but once I put it on I was like "this isn't going back". So it's my over-sized cute new favorite 😊

Having always grown up big & tall, I've never been shy to shop outside of my gender for clothes. So when I was initially wanting a longer night gown I turned to Men's Big & Tall. KINGSIZE is not the only place to find men's sleep shirts but in my opinion they have the best designs. You can find neutral colors in many parts of the internet but if you like to have fun with your sleepwear then this store is it. These gowns are breathable and versatile!

Tip: You can undo the buttons, slide your arms through the top and have a tube gown whenever you want your shoulders to breathe!

PRINT COTTON GOWN, $29.99 - $44.99

Last but not least is a classic! If you love the classic floral nightgown, this is it. While most of the gowns on Full Beauty (website in the link) aren't specifically made for tall people they are definitely long enough by design. This design is a cozy classic that flows from the body and you can make it into a tube gown too. If you're craving a longer gown, browse the site! They have gowns that will literally go near the ankle and some even have pockets 👀

There you have it! Some options to get you going on your journey to a cozy night's rest 🙌🏾

If you have a nightgown that you love, link it the comments 💜

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