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Core: Free 24HR Meditation Event

Today's post is dedicated to helping you access Core's 24HRS of Meditation & Reflection event.

First thing’s first, this event is FREE via the Chalk app (available for Apple).

Once you download the app search for “CORE MEDITATION“ and join the chat.

An alert will go out at the top each hour between 12pm EST on Oct 2 to 12pm EST Oct 3.

Each time block will consist of a 20min discussion on a specific topic followed by a 15~20min meditation and a 20min buffer between each section.

If you’d like to join me, I go on at 7am EST on Oct 3 🙌🏾

Note: The chalk app is audio only so no worries about anyone seeing your face or space.

Here’s the info graphic in case you want to share it with your community! Meditate with you then! 💜

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