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When Do I Combine Props? Blocks, Bolsters, Straps, & Blankets

As promised here is the blog to help you know when you might want to combine your props. If you've just said to yourself "I don't even know when to use one kind of prop" then check out the previous prop post by clicking here. If you don't even know where to get props then click here for the props that I use. Now that you have what you need let's get playful!

Today we'll go over some classic combinations of props, including examples of postures that use these combinations.

Blocks & Straps

  • When you'd like to feel stable by placing a block between the thighs & a strap around the thighs (ex: bridge, feet hips width chair, feet hips width mountain)

  • When you'd like to feel stable by placing block(s) between the hands and a strap around the biceps (ex: plank, forearm plank, dolphin, forearm stand)

Blocks, Bolsters, & Blankets

  • When you'd like support to rest fully (3 examples below)

  1. Ex: Child's pose

    1. 2 blocks on the low setting

    2. Place bolster on top of blocks

    3. Place blanket behind or under knees

  2. Ex: Reclined Savasana

    1. Place one block on low setting one block on high setting

    2. Place bolster on blocks so the lower side is near your low back

    3. Place blanket over hips or under heels

    4. Lay on bolster

  3. Ex: Stonehenge

    1. Place 2 blocks on low or medium setting (if you have 4 use 4 on any setting where you feel stable)

    2. Place bolster on top of blocks

    3. Fold blanket so it comes to the top of your shoulders as a cushion for your head

    4. Rest shins on bolster

    5. Adjust blanket to your comfort

Blocks, Bolsters, Straps, and Blankets

  • When you are going to be in a pose for a long period of time and you'd like full support (example below)

  1. Ex: Savasana

    1. Create a Stonehenge with 2 blocks and a bolster

    2. Fold blanket so it comes just underneath the tops of your shoulders so that your head and shoulders are cushioned

    3. Place shins on bolster

    4. Place a block between your thighs

    5. Secure strap around your thighs

    6. Lay down

    7. Optional: If you have a second blanket place it over your entire body

There you have it! A place to begin your exploration of prop combos. If you want to see some of these prop combo's in action check out my Tune In Series with OMstars. During the Yin portion we use props to get us to arrive in each posture. You can take the course for free when you use the code "ANGELICAYOGA". That'll give you a free 30-day trial.

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