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Cold Weather Ready Lips

As the seasons change, you might find your lips getting dryer faster. That being said, it's time to add to the lip-care wardrobe so your lips are ready for the cold weather.

As a continuation to "Softer Lips for Your DAMN Self" here are 4 more lip loving options to add in the mix (Color & Colorless Options):


I own the Rose and it's one of my favorite "lipsticks" it truly feels more like a balm as it glides on. It's hydrating and has built in sunscreen so your lips will be as protected as the rest of your face. I will say that if you wear a type of mask that touches your lips then your lipstick will get on the mask.

This is the product I reach for DAILY! I own the Rose (do we see a pattern 😅). This balm is hydrating and once I put it on I don't need to touch it up every 5 seconds. This is also the lip color I teach in because there's never a feeling like my lips are wearing lipstick and they stay moisturized all class long.


This light weight oil is an option that is great for day or night. The applicator is curved so a swipe on top and a swipe on bottom is all it takes to apply this oil. Since it's an oil it really goes into the lips for that longer lasting hydration.

Lastly is the newest addition to my collection is the Jo Malone Lip Conditioner. I was actually looking for a perfume when I stumbled upon this and I'm glad I did. I usually apply this at night. It is the thickest formula on this list but that's part of what makes it conditioning. Keeping all the hydration in your lips as the finishing touch to a nighttime skincare routine. Also just because I use this at night doesn't mean that you have to. This is a great lip balm for day or night!

There you have it some options to mix into your lip-care wardrobe so that your lips are taken care of this winter!

If you have a lip must have let me know what it is 💜

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