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Closet for Sale!

This fashion Friday is more of an announcement than a full post. I HAVE A POSHMARK!!!

For years, one of my to-dos on my new years resolution was to clear my closet of what I don't need. So I decided to start selling my stuff. Trust me I have BAGS of stuff so I'll try to update my Poshmark as often as I can but for a more solid time stamp:

The first Friday of every month I will load more items to my closet on Poshmark:

You might be wondering, why Poshmark? Personally I enjoy how easy Poshmark is to use as a consumer and a seller. In a way it's as easy to use as Etsy. Poshmark also has their own app so I can see notifications and even create new listings on my phone.

So if you are plus sized, tall, have big feet and/or a large chest, I GOT YOU!

No this is not sponsored or a partnership, I'm just excited to finally DO a to-do 🙌🏾

If you have any questions about my Poshmark or the process of becoming a seller, leave a comment below 💜

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