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Boss Platform Boots for Those with Big Feet

Today, let's keep this short and sweet, I'm 6'2" and I love platform boots 🙌🏾

*End Blog* haha

Just kidding! As a tall human I often get asked "Why do you wear platforms? You're already so tall!" To which I say "Because I like them 🤷🏾‍♀️" Like a good chunk of people I love platform boots, they truly make me feel on top of the world, like a total boss. The only problem is that I have large feet (generally a 14 US Women) so finding cute platform shoes in my size is incredibly difficult.

Luckily I have 3 boots in rotation that give me that boss, yet comfortable feeling and I'm sharing them with you😊

Demonia Men's Ranger-303 Knee-High Boots, $107.95

I had to start with these pair because these were the first pair of platform boots that I felt comfortable in. That comfort quickly boosted my confidence due to the fact the every time I wore these boots I got a compliment. I also felt confidence that I could stomp out any negatively as I strut through the streets. I love these boots so much that when my first pair started to warp after 3 years of concerts and conventions, re-purchased them!

You can find them on Amazon in Men's sizes. I wear a size 13 men and my feet don't feel lost in the shoe nor do my toes bang against the front.

Note: There is an inside zip so once

you have the laces tied you're good

to go unless your leg shape changes.

Current Mood Detroit Boots, $95

These sweet kicks are the second pair of platforms that I fell for. Don't worry they're not actually made in hell and you won't feel like your in hell wearing them. I love the rugged design of the heel and functional buckles and zippers. The base of the shoe is sturdy but not solid and the slight curvy at the tip helps you to walk around as if you were wearing dramatic looking fashion sneakers.

You can find them on Dollskill. I wear a 15 women.

Note: I tried a 14 and it fit a touch small so I went up one size.

Tip: Dollskill always has coupon circulating so be sure to find one before purchasing. I have the Honey Chrome extension which helps me find deals.

Black 7-Eye Chain & Strap Dino Lug Boot,


I love my newest addition. These are front lace up boots but the effort is worth it. They have a memory foam insole that your foot gets cradled in. Your foot is not melting into the shoe without support, your foot is supported and oh so comfortable. Also no photo can do these true justice. They are so beautiful in person!

You can find these on T.U.K Shoes!

Note: T.U.K Shoes have such great customer service. The original chains they sent for my shoes were too small so they sent me replacement chains along with a pair of socks and a set of coasters for FREE! Also note that these shoes don't have white spots on the sole. It's from my love on the shoes haha

Tip: The also have an online outlet with great quality shoes for a much lower price.

There you have it, my 3 boss comfy boot babies! Do you have boots that make you feel like a boss? Let me know in the comments!

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