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Angelica's Winter Fit Essentials

As the weather gets chilly it's time for me to put on more than just a mumu. Once I'm out of bed, so below are the building blocks to my cozy winter wardrobe.

Oversized Hoodies

I live in oversized clothes 90% of the time. Especially if a hoodie comes in a wide variety of sizes I will most likely order the biggest size, if not, at least 1 size larger. Here are 3 of my current favorites:

  • Girlfriend: Pistachio Cropped Sweatshirt, $68 / This cropped hoodie is so soft and covers my G cup chest so while it is cropped it still covers. They also have a full length version if that's more your style. I wear a size XXL but I size up to an XXXL for extra comfort.

  • Big Bud Press: Sweatshirts & Hoodies, $45-110 / I own their rainbow hoodie as well as their crew hoodies in black magic waters and Easter Egg. The unique thing about Big Bud Press hoodies is that their french terry is not the plush cotton ball type but it's still comfortable and doesn't feet like it's scratching the body. It's more of a luxury soft towel type of material. I wear an 2xL but I size up to the 5xl for extra comfort.

  • Girlfriend: Moss R&R Hoodie, $68 / This hoodie is slightly cropped but has more drape like flow to the fabric but the fabric doesn't feel cold. This thin soft blanket. The fabric is soft, drapes but is substantial. I wear a size XXL but I size up to an XXXL for extra comfort.


As a yoga instructor it is essential that I have leggings in my wardrobe. If I'm not wearing leggings then you can find me in a cozy pair of sweats. So here are my top 3 bottoms of the moment:

  • Girlfriend: Pistachio Classic Jogger, $78 / Trust me the waitlist is worth it. These sweats are soft, stretchy and have decent sized pockets. A feature I was appreciative of is the waist doesn't move around even though there is no draw string. Also, the color is EVERYTHING! I wear a size XXL.

  • Big Bud Press: Sweat Shorts, $50-54 / I own their sweat pants in the rainbow magic waters and the sweat shorts in rainbow, black magic waters, and Easter egg so it's safe to say I love these. They have real pockets, are short without being too short (booty stays in the shorts), and are so comfy I have taken yoga classes in them! I wear a size 2xl.

  • Girlfriend: Black Luxe Legging, $78/ I know these too are sold out at the moment but this HAD to go on this list. So far these are in my top 3 of favorite leggings of all time. I've even taught a zoom class in these and THEY DIDN'T ROLL DOWN. From the moment I put them on I knew the love was real and now I'm eagerly waiting for a restock so I can grab a few more. I wear a size XXL.


I have huge feet that need to feel cozy. While my feet love to feel cozy, it can be hard to find slippers that suite my taste since many women slippers only go up to an 11/12... I'm a 14. So here are my favorite slippers that I own 2 pair of:

  • Uniqlo: Waffle Slippers, $14.90 / As stated I own these in grey and navy. I will say if you step in a tiny amount of water it won't make the slipper soggy, meaning dry feet 🙌🏾 I wear a size XL.

There you have it! The essentials that I have stocked and ready to go for this winter!

If you have an essential winter fashion piece lmk what it is 💜

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