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The amwloves Production House: All of My Equipment

Since the beginning of the "new normal" I knew that I'd be making some investments in myself. What I didn't know was long I'd be doing it for. Now, nearly a year in, I've made investments in various types of equipment to support the work that I do as a Blogger, Content Creator & Yoga Instructor.

Here's a list of everything I've purchased and what purpose each item serves in my "production house":

Audio Recording

  • Used for teaching live classes so I can hear and have my voice be heard

  • Used for pre-recorded content (classes, IGTV, meditations, etc.)

  • Need to use iPhone adapter and mic cable when using device with iPhone

Photo/Video Support

Light Box, $39.99

  • Used to take photo/video content of small-ish items (IG, Blog, etc.)

  • Used for recording and taking photos (classes, social content, etc.)

  • Used to keep time for class

  • Used as a viewfinder for recordings/photos

  • Used as a remote for recordings/photos

  • Used as a remote for music

Video/Class Recording

  • Used to record EVERYTHING in 1080p or 4K depending on the project

  • Used to take ALL photos

  • Used to blog

  • Used to build and edit website

  • Used to create "text" content

  • Used to serve as a large viewfinder for zoom classes

There you have it! All of the equipment I currently own to do all that I do. A final point that I want to squeeze in is that I didn't buy all of this in one day. This is literally a year in the making!

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