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7 Yoga Poses To Help You #2

Yoga is useful both on and off the mat in many ways. Today we're going to be talking about a variety of poses you can use to help you go to the restroom. Best of all, you can do these poses on the mat or in the stall! As we go through the postures, each pose will have a little description so you know exactly what to do when nature calls... or needs a little help. Let's dive in!

On the Mat

  • Supine twist: Lay down, pull both knees in, arms out wide, knees to the left, switch sides

  • Knees to chest: Lay down, pull both knees in, hold your shins or the backs of your thighs, squeeze legs in towards you, breathe to the floor of your pelvis

  • Malasana Squat: Stand, widen your feet mat's with, turn toes out to 11 & 1, squat low, keep heels rooted, triceps on inner thighs, hands at heart, tall spine

  • Child's Pose: Sit on shins, thighs can be together or mat's width, walk torso forward, arms long, forehead on mat

In the Stall

  • Chair Twist: Seated on toilet, bring thighs close together, slide left forearm (maybe bicep) down the outside of right leg, reach right arm up, switch sides

  • Chest to knees: Seated on toilet, hinge at hips, hug thighs as you fold

  • Forward fold: Standing, soft bend at the knees, roll down into a fold, option to hug shins at the bottom

There you have it, 7 yoga poses to help nature along! Personally, I like to be in each of these shapes for about 5 deep breaths, each side, but you can stay for as long as it feels right for you.

Let me know if you were surprised to see any of these shapes on the list 💜

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