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Cyber Weekend: 7 Tips to Avoid Spending All of Your Money

Welcome to the shopping weekend we've all been waiting for! Now before you spend everything you own, take these 7 tips into account so that your bank account isn't furious with you afterwards:

Tip 1: Think about what you need

Sometimes there are products we use frequently. Say skincare for example. If your holy grail products are on sale. GET THEM! Nothing is worse than going back for your favorite products when you need them and seeing that they're sold out until who knows when 😭

Tip 2: Think about what you want

'Tis the season to treat yourself. What's important is that you be mindful of how much you treat yourself. So make sure to finish reading these tips so that you can get some of what you want without your wallet catching fire from an overused card!

Tip 3: Download Honey & Rakuten

No I'm not sponsored by either of these companies but they have definitely helped me save some money over the years. Rakuten will get you cash back at stores you didn't even know you could get cash back from. Honey will show you price drop comparisons and can find coupon codes you may have not known could work during cyber weekend.

Tip 4: Designate only 1 card to Black Friday

In a day and age where most people have at least a debit and a credit card. PICK ONE! Instead of spreading out your purchases over multiple cards pick one card to use so you can monitor your spending. Bonus tip: If your credit card offers cash back, use it to shop, be mindful of how much you spend. Then at the end of the weekend pay back what you spent so you get cash back without worrying about using too much credit.

Tip 5: If the deal doesn't look that great, hold off until Cyber Monday

I know we're excited but it's only day 1. Most sites will roll out more and more deals as the weekend progresses. So if the deal looks kind of meh and especially if what you're trying to get is something you want (not need), wait until Monday.

Tip 6: Use AfterPay

If you're like me and like to use AfterPay make sure you monitor the app in real time so you can make sure you won't be struggling to pay off all of your cyber weekend shopping in the coming weeks. So long as you use it mindfully, it's an incredible help to break up payments without interest 🙌🏾 (There's only interest if you're late on a payment.)

Tip 7: Check out Your Favorite Slow Fashion/Small Businesses First

This year more small businesses and slow fashion brands are participating in cyber weekend deals. Now while their deals might not be as grand as larger companies, they rarely have offers and their quantities are much smaller. So get your items now while they're offering a sale/free shipping!

There are your 7 tips for shopping this weekend! Now off you go to shop until you're like "oh... that's enough" 😂💜

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