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5 Ways to Treat Yourself That Don't Involve A Glass of Wine

If you're in the United States then you are well aware that we are currently in month 6 of partial lock-down. While most activities are either closed or open in an unusual way we can still care for ourselves. Everyone has different method's of treating themselves so here are 5 of mine that give me boosts of joy during these times outside of yoga/meditation & blogging.

Online Shopping

Fun Fact: You don't have to buy anything! Online browsing and shopping sort of soothes that retail therapy portion of my treat myself needs. Prior to COVID I loved shopping with my friends IRL strutting down the streets with my bags. However, online shopping can still serve a similar purpose. Just the action of finding cute clothes and adding them to cart feels like I've shopped. Every once and a while I'll actually click BUY.... okay a little more than every once and a while 😬

Eat Something You Love

If you love a salad eat it, if you want pizza order it, cake?... DO IT! Yes it's important to eat what is healthy for your body but it's also important to eat what you love. Especially during these times. Personally, most days I cook at home but I still take a day off per week to order in so I can take a break from the stove and order whatever my stomach is craving. I type this tip as I have a dozen pints of ice cream in my freezer. I never really know when I need treat yourself pint so I keep a generous stock 😅

IG Chat/Zoom with Friends

I've said this before and I'll say it again. KEEP TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS! In these times it is incredibly easy to loose touch with friends and only interact with them by liking their Instagram posts, so I urge you to make plans to "see" your friends. You can watch movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, play games, or just enjoy each others company and ramble for a few hours. My friends and I will start a chat around 6pm then next thing we know it's 1am and we're still laughing. Remember if you enjoyed social interaction before everything happened, then continue to incorporate social interaction now. Introverts, if you'd rather just send letters to your friends DO IT! And be sure to use the USPS 🙌🏾

Move Your Body

As we spend more and more time indoors we may have created a permanent imprint on our couches and mattresses meaning it's time to move. Whether it's a workout, a walk from the bedroom to the living room, or jog around the block. We need to move in some way. I do online workout's dance classes, and yoga classes which keep me moving and give my mind something else to focus on outside of the latest news on Twitter. If you don't know where to start, go to YouTube and type in something you want to do. In this day and age there's definitely going to be a video on it so you can grab some inspiration ⚽

Take Time to Do "Nothing"

Now I know what I just said but hear me out. Balance is important. Let's say you are working during this time, whether it's on a passion project or at your actual job then you're also working out and caring for others. Whether it's for 5 minutes on the toilet or an hour or 2 in bed. Take time to let you mind get distracted. Watch some YouTube videos, play a game on your phone, watch home shopping on TV. Whatever let's your mind get some recovery time from the daily grind of absorbing and trying to be a part of solving the world's problems. Personally, the first 30 min of my day is dedicated to either playing a game on my phone or having a dance party to just give my self a moment to do "nothing". Know that even if you're not working you can still take time to do "nothing" 🙏🏾

Now you have 5 ways for you to treat yourself that don't involve a glass of wine! But if you want a glass... TREAT YO SELF!

If you have any favorite ways to treat yourself let me know in the comments 💜

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