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5 Things Keeping Me Sane Pt. 2

Today we're jumping right in! It's been about 2 months since part 1 of 5 Things Keeping Me Sane so here's a list of 5 more things keeping me "sane" as we're still navigating a global pandemic.

Form+Flow/Teaching Yoga

Form+Flow is my second home at this point. Anytime you see me teaching in the white space with curtains or art work, it's Form+Flow. I'm so thankful that they've not only allowed me to teach live classes and prerecord content for their Patreon though their space, but they've also given me permission to teach for other companies in their studio. Additionally, being able to teach during this time has been an unusual but incredible experience. As I'm holding space for whoever flows with me I'm also, in a way, holding space for myself. Moving and breathing together through the internet!

Advanced Teacher Training (ATT)

Something I didn't know was going to keep me "sane" is also giving me so much human interaction. Advanced teacher trainings! As a yoga instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance we're required to have at least 30 additional hours of training every 3 years, outside of our initial 200 hour teacher training (TT). For a little back story, a few years ago I began a 500 hour program that ended up getting canceled half way through so it kind of put me off to doing another ATT. Until this year. Earlier this year I took a 25 hour training just to gain more sequencing inspiration for my classes. Once lock-down began the same school I took the 25 hour training with began offering their trainings for a little more than half off. As these trainings can get really expensive, seeing a lower rate for the same training, I had to hop on board. I'm so thankful to be obtaining new skills, developing older ones, and gaining some social interaction with our Zoom calls. Little did I know that as of now (as of 7/15/2020) I'd complete 4 additional trainings (and have one more coming up 😅)!

I Love Dance NYC (ILD)

Dance classes are now virtual! While I don't have as much space in my room as I'd like to dance, I make it work! It feels SO good to move outside of yoga. Prior to lock-down I was taking anywhere from 1-5 classes per week. I'm happy to say, I'm slowly getting back to taking class whenever I can. Dancing with ILD on Zoom, allows for me work on rebuilding my stamina (so much cardio) and re-lubricate my knees haha. I'm so glad to be reconnected with my favorite instructors and friends as we dance to our favorite k-pop songs!

Online Workouts

As someone that has never been a fan of traditional workouts, I'm loving working out online. That being said I must warn you that a lot of titles can be very click-bate like or centered around weight loss (which isn't for everyone). Personally, I will say that after clicking into the workouts themselves, I've found them to be very supportive. Allowing for the viewer to meet themselves where they are instead of mindlessly forcing their bodies to conform to a specific workout. Often times there are a couple variations of a set so that you can customize it to you. Two platforms I've been gravitating to are Chloe Ting & Allblanc TV. The workouts fun, engaging, and some are shorter in length so you can fit them into your schedule. Feeling my arms being able to do more pluses or feeling my core (360 degrees) getting stronger is so satisfying. My body is regaining strength that I had lost from the initial few weeks of adjusting to the new reality!

Grocery Shopping

The final thing is something I didn't think would be so meditative, grocery shopping! On either Sunday or Monday I wake up throw on clothes, take inventory of the fridge/pantry, create my grocery lists on my phone and head out with my shopping cart. (Side note: I wish they made shopping carts for tall people.) It's oddly satisfying to check off items from the list and scan my local grocery store's app at checkout (gotta work toward that discount haha). As the "head chef" of the family, I create the menu, so I get to choose the main meals. While my parents will send me what they want I still get to have the final say on what we buy which has positively shifted how we eat. Not to shade my parents, but I actually eat at home way more than I used to (6 days a week as opposed to 1-2 times) since I know what I'll be cooking and seasoning is my friend. Also, we're not really going anywhere so it's been nice to open the fridge and see so many ingredients ready to be combined. Nowadays, when I'm coming home from teaching at Form+Flow, I tell myself "Don't order anything, there's food in the house" 🤣

There you have it 5 more things keeping me tethered to reality during these times!

If there's something keeping you "sane" during this time feel free to leave it in the comments 💜

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