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20 Reasons Why I Exercise... Not One Has To Do With Weight Loss

Just because I exercise doesn't mean I want to loose weight. This is not only true for me but for so many people. Yes, some people do want to loose weight but a lot of people don't. They want to move without constantly being asked about their weight.

This post is for anyone who wants a reason to move that isn't tied to a fancy weight loss campaign. If you've asked "Why exercise if you/I don't want to lose weight?" here are 20 reasons why I do. Maybe one of these resonates with you too!


  1. gets me out of my head.

  2. gets me in my body.

  3. makes me feel more focused throughout the day.

  4. builds my arm strength!

  5. teaches me to speak to myself in a motivating way.

  6. energizes me for my day!

  7. allows for me to surprise myself with what I can accomplish!

  8. increases my stamina.

  9. teaches me to appreciate my body!

  10. builds my core strength (front, sides, & back).

  11. calms me before bed.

  12. releases unnecessary stress.

  13. is a form of meditation.

  14. stabilizes my joints.

  15. makes me arrive in the present.

  16. increases my flexibility.

  17. is self expression!

  18. teaches me how I approach a tough situation.

  19. keeps my joints mobile.

  20. is FUN!

Wow! Hit 20 pretty quickly. So fast that I had to take some out 😅

If you have a reason that you'd want to add to this list (that doesn't have to do with weight loss) let me know what it would be 💜

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