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10 Phrases I Say to Myself to Keep Me Motivated

So many time when I move whether it be dance, cycling, yoga, HIIT, my mind can float away in 2 seconds. Over the years I've come up with dozens of phrases to keep my "head the game" so here are 10 to pull from when you need them!

  1. Keep working on it!

  2. Breathe here. Don't tap out!

  3. You're on the mat. Keep your mind on the mat!

  4. Are you about to tap out because it's tough? What if you stayed another breath?

  5. Nope, pain, nope. Changing it!

  6. Shoulders, ready! Core, engaged! Thighs, strong! Let's do it!

  7. Keep going through the full countdown!

  8. You got this!

  9. Thighs, we're laying down now you don't have to engage.

  10. You did that! Like you, really did that!

What do you say to yourself to keep yourself motivated? Let me know 💜

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